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What is a Sleep Study?

A sleep study is a complex overnight recording to assess what is happening during sleep.  It is used to assist with the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders, ideally on referral from a sleep physician.

A sleep study conducted here at Bendigo Respiratory & Sleep is overseen and  reported by Dr Campagnaro, following  a face to face appointment with you.  Results are discussed at a follow up consultation. 

Our personal service, exclusively with Dr Campagnaro, is what sets us apart.

How is a sleep study done?

A sleep study can be done in hospital or at home.

Dr Campagnaro can refer for either a home or hospital based sleep study depending upon the clinical need.


Home sleep study

Is exactly that….you take a sleep study device home and sleep in your own bed. 

The test uses a small respiratory monitor with leads attached which is worn overnight.  Many things are recorded including brain wave activity (EEG), muscle tone (EMG), heart rate (ECG), breathing patterns, oxygen levels and leg movements.


You will visit our clinic in the late afternoon wearing loose fitting clothes that you plan to sleep in that night.  Our scientist Isabel will then set up the equipment and you will go home “wired for sleep”.  We suggest you pre plan dinner as you will not feel dressed to go the supermarket or anywhere except the comfort of home!  You remove the equipment in the morning before returning it to our office.


During the COVID19 restrictions we have adapted our protocol to that of a coach…. we provide you with an online tutorial, written instructions and a take home package for you to successfully wire yourself up for your sleep study.


Hospital based sleep study

A sleep study can be done in a metropolitan hospital with a technician in attendance overnight.  This study gives more information about sleep.

And then what happens?

The data from your sleep study will then be analysed by Dr Campagnaro.
This information is collated with your symptoms to inform a diagnosis.
Recommendations and a personalised treatment plan are then discussed with you during a review consultation.