(03) 5442 9833

Referral Process

Dr Campagnaro reviews all medical referrals received at Bendigo Respiratory to determine:

  • appropriate appointment

  • requirement for an associated breathing test

  • urgency

Reception staff will then book the appropriate consultations.

You will be notified by mail.

Referrals can be:

  • faxed to 5442 9844

  • posted to 210 Barnard Street, Bendigo   3550

  • delivered in person

Please ensure that your contact details are correct.

Medical consultation fees

Initial consultation

Standard initial consultation

$192.30       (Medicare rebate $132.30 + patient contribution $60)

Complex initial consultation                                                                $291.35

 (Medicare rebate $231.35 + patient contribution $60)

Follow up review

Standard review                                                                                     $126.25

(Medicare rebate $66.25 + patient contribution $60)


Complex review                                                                                      $175.85

(Medicare rebate $115.85 + patient contribution $60)

Lung function testing                                                                         “Bulk Billed” to Medicare

(Medicare rebate only.  No patient contribution)

Requires spacer device.  Available for purchase $10.

Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Gold card holders are fully covered for all medical consultation fees.  There is no patient contribution.