Useful links for further reading



Lung Foundation Australia

Lung Foundation Australia is an Australian charity committed to research, advocacy, support, awareness and education of patients and families living with lung disease.



The National Asthma Council Australia

The National Asthma Council Australia is focused on facilitating best care for people with asthma and allergies.



Sleep Health Foundation

Sleep Health Foundation is a charity advocating for healthy sleep and awareness of the importance of getting good sleep.



Australasian Sleep Association

The Australasian Sleep Association is the scientific body in Australia & New Zealand representing clinicians, scientists and researchers in the broad area of Sleep.



Sleep Disorders Australia

Sleep Disorders Australia is a voluntary not for profit organisation that provides information and support to people and their families who are affected by sleep disorders.




ResMed is a company that originated in Australia following the development of the first CPAP device in 1981.  It supplies respiratory equipment globally.


Cleaning & maintenance of CPAP equipment